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12 April 2022

Insight Media Labs Launches Social Open Display Ads (SODA) Platform, Creating a New Category of Digital Banners Designed to Perform Outside of Social Networks


New York, NY – Insight Media Labs, a leading ad-tech and digital marketing agency, today 

launched Social Open Display Ads (SODA). The new SODA platform enables non-designers 

to quickly and easily create new social style advertising banners in multiple sizes and formats.  


SODAs include visual elements similar to social posts but are delivered via a standard and 

conforming banner. Advertisers break out of social silos like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter 

and LinkedIn to deliver their message to publisher- and app-environments throughout the web.


SODA Unlocks Social Silos for Marketers and PR Teams



Peter Brand, CEO of Insight Media Labs, describes the origin of SODA, “The ‘ah ha moment’ came from seeing news articles commonly cite social posts to reinforce the theme of the story. We see this as common practice on the editorial side. 


“Repurposing social posts and/or mimicking the social format to become an ad banner achieves most advertisers' key objectives. Our Beta program shows that SODAs typically have a higher engagement rate, are less expensive than paid social and have all of the targeting bells and whistles."


Communicators in advertising, marketing, public relations and social media can use Insight Media Labs programmatic team to create and traffic targeted audience campaigns. SODA banners may also be used as key creative elements for press releases, blog posts and other marketing content activities.


“Social posts sit at the crossroads of advertising and news, elevating the impact of social content. Our approach recognizes this reality to help marketers stand out with their messaging and drive stronger campaign results,” Brand said.


Free SODA Builder Demo Platform

Insight Media Labs’ SODA Builder Demo Platform is self-service and free for anyone to use, producing four different style formats; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.  When the advertiser is ready to run their SODA ad they can have the Insight Media Labs team implement a programmatic campaign or they can download the creative for a small fee.  


SODAs may start as social posts or originate directly from the SODA platform. 


SODA White Label

The SODA platform is available in white label for ad sales teams, public relations platforms, marketing automation systems and other communications offerings. 


About Insight Media Labs

Insight Media Labs (IML) sits at the crossroads of ad-tech and agency, serving television station groups, advertising and PR agencies, event organizers, B-to-B and consumer brands. Its technology-first philosophy and nimble market-driven development process has propelled the launch of innovative products including Driver micro-interaction landing pages and Social Open Display Ads (SODA). IML provides highly sophisticated programmatic advertising support for companies and organizations of all sizes. The company, originally called NewsDriver, was founded in 2016, and is based in New York.



Insight Media Labs, New York

Tom Becktold, CMO


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