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Beyond Earned Media

NewsDriver | Press Release & Pitch Insurance

IML's NewsDriver platform addresses the biggest pain point in public relations…the fact that 90% of pitches and press releases fail to achieve earned media coverage.

If there is no coverage, your story isn’t told. 

NewsDriver places your headlines on premium publisher websites and apps such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, CNET and more.

AI-powered targeting reaches the end-reader audiences you seek to educate
and influence. 

  • Delivering your news to continuously impact readers for days, weeks or months.  
  • Reaching a minimum of 50,000 highly targeted readers and increasing awareness and engagement of your news.  

Ensure that your story has impact 100% of the time with the power of AI and a new way of telling your story.
NY Times.png
CNBC Picsart SODA-white.png
75,000 impressions       $   500
150,000 impressions     $1,000
250,000 impressions     $1,500


Each NewsDriver includes:
  • Targeting or publications (or we list the pubs in Various packages (similar to circuits)
  • Create of headline asset (SODA).
  • Reaching x number of readers
  • Visibility on premium publications for 30 days.
  • Link to destination page of customers choice.
  • Real-time dashboard
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