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Public Relations (PPR)  


Programmatic Public Relations (PPR)  

Insight Media Labs Programmatic Public Relations (PPR) unlocks first- and third-party data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, and a proprietary technology stack to bring public and investor relations targeting and delivery to the next level.
Imagine if all of your stories were always told and reached the right audience every time?

Imagine no further—IML PPR is here.

Get Stories to

Your Targets

In your ideal coverage scenario, who would read and engage with your content? Let’s get your stories to those folks and measure it all.
We target audiences around media, influencers, behaviors, interests, demographics, geography, competitor customers. 

How the Magic Works


Every person
consumes content.


We measuring everything so you understand
your audience like
never before.


AI collects data based on their content consumption and interests, then matches it to your criteria to reach a highly relevant audience.


Your news, story or alert is delivered in the form of display banners, videos, scrolling copy, in-app posts, social placements and more.


Ongoing data collection makes decisions that continuously optimize performance.


Engaged user behavior identifies common traits
to build look-alike

Choose PPR

if you:

Need more earned media coverage.
Require clear
Expect deeper insights into
who and how stakeholders
are consuming content.
Believe keeping clients, inventors, buyers, and customers informed is a must.
Seek a
competitive PR advantage.

Ready to get started    

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