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Prime Meridian Bank

Introduce Prime Meridian Bank to the community as a new kind of bank



Introduce Prime Meridian Bank to the community as a new kind of bank.

Communicate the banks unique benefits and understand which offerings are most appealing.

75% of customers are connecting via mobile devices. Insure the experience is ideal for that environment.

THE approach

Built a series of app-like, multiple panel landing pages to tell Prime Meridian Bank's story, ideal for mobile engagement.

Used advanced data analytics and heat mapping to understand which offerings are of the greatest interest.

To gain deep insights into the audience engaging with the landing pages, the Insight Media Labs analytics dashboard was used to gain precision learning into the audience interaction.

THE results


increase in time spent on mobile landing pages due to "Driver" design


increase in inbound requests (leads) compared to previous quarter

Gained insight that home equity loans were by far the most popular product for their target demographic

Success in community banking is all about understanding our customers and their needs. Drivers helped us communicate our unique approach to banking for our mobile on the go customers and delivered the data insights to demonstrate advertising ROI.

The Creative


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