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Montgomery County Community College

Increase inbound leads from potential students



Highlight the benefits of attending and the affordability to attend


Communicate Spring registration to increase inbound inquires


Increase inbound leads from potential students

THE approach

Montgomery County Community College is located in Blue Bell, PA with a broad curriculum. Their digital campaigns performed above industry average for click through rates but did a poor job generating leads from traffic directed to their “Apply Now” page.


Users were drowning in too much content and messaging wasn't carried over from digital ads to the web experience. More importantly, campaign traffic was coming mostly from mobile devices and was directed to a page that wasn't functional on that platform.


IML built a “Driver” landing page designed for mobile users. It featured key benefits of attending MCCC instead of leading  potential students to the "Apply Now" page. The mobile-friendly call to action we designed let visitors quickly schedule a call with an admissions officer and form-captured the visitor's contact details.

THE results


increase in inbound inquiries especially from the text feature

They have expanded “Text for more info” across all mobile campaigns.  It was clear that the convenience and immediate response had a big impact.

The Creative


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