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Route 18 Auto

Showcasing the dealer lineup in a modern format to increase test drives.


Highlight a specific vehicle model with the lead digital ad and the landing page experience.

Measure the success of the campaign and gain a clear understanding of who and how the audience engaged.


Increase the number of appointments to test drive the car.

THE approach

Route 18 Auto has strong lead digital ads, leveraging these assets IML built individual "Drivers" (Landing pages) featuring the specific Vehicle and Offer. Thereby creating a connected experience.

The lead ad and the "Driver" combination created a rich media experience using video and a gallery of images.

To gain deep insights into the audience engaging with the landing pages the Insight Media Labs analytics dashboard was used to gain precision learning into the audience interaction.

THE results


increase in test drive bookings


age bracket generated the most post click activity


decrease in web design costs

Moving Forward

Route 18 Auto has expanded its use of the Insight Media Labs solution to feature specific vehicles, service offers and seasonal specials/sales. Each campaign benefits by a real-time dashboard that allow the advertiser and the ad sales team to see the end to end results and make adjustments that reflect the full picture of the campaign.


Now that we are using "Drivers" improving the impact of our campaign and delivering greater insights it's hard to imagine what life use to be like. We would recommend "Drivers" to any auto dealer or any advertiser for that matter.

Bill McDonagh, Dealer Principal

The Creative


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