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This is our entire business strategy spelled out step by step.

(free of buzzwords and pushy sales guys in plaid suits)

Step 1: stop running the same damn ad sizes

90% of Advertisers only run 4-6 creative sizes. It's really dumb, there, we said it. The more sizes you run the better inventory you can buy and the better you can optimize towards the best performing sizes. Don't have the time to create 30+ banner sizes? That's why we do it for you. It only takes 24 hours, and cost you nothing unless the campaign goes live. 

step 2: Send users to landing pages that make your campaigns smarter

This is our flagship product. We build landing pages called Drivers that measure "micro-interactions". Micro-interactions are all of the actions users take that go unrecorded by traditional web analytic programs. But these interactions are the most valuable data points for running successful advertising campaigns. The more interactions a user takes, the more likely they are to buy something. By assigning scores to these 400+ different interactions, we can 

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