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 today's your digital sales 

independence day

We're the turnkey platform

built just for digital ad pros

The freedom to be your own boss 

and earn


more on your book of business

Let's change digital sales as we know it

Sound Intriguing?

IML is specifically built for digital ad sales professionals to generate more money.

We changed the rules, flipping the traditional ad sales model on its head.

Insight Media Labs
  • 35% Ad Sales Commission

  • 65% Media and Execution


Earn Way More

Traditional Media Companies
  • 10% Ad Sales Commission

  • 90% Media and Execution


Less is Less

Earn more

(3x more on average)

Have greater

freedom and control

Let's change digital sales as we know it

We Work Together

OUr Platform

Top-notch digital advertising sales tools and products, user-friendly technology and awesome personal service.

Your Expertise

You know digital, have strong sales skills, cultivate relationships and want to work on your own terms.

a powerful team

Our technology and digital advertising support team helps you close business and execute successful campaigns.

We are your end-to-end sales assistant,

ad-ops team and strategy advisor:

  • RFP’s​​

  • Available Inventory 

  • Targeting Recommendations

  • Mock Creatives 

  • Strategy Suggestions




  • Standard Display

  • Audience Targeting 

  • Site Retargeting

  • Contextual Targeting

  • Search Targeting 

  • Custom Intent 

  • Conversion

  • Tracking/GroundTruth


  • Outstream 

  • Instream

  • Skippable 

  • Non-Skippable 

  • OTT/CTV 

  • Bumper 

Social Media

  • Paid Social


media buying

  • Complementary Creatives

  • Smart Landing Pages​

  • Audience Optimization

  • Analytics Insights

  • Better Media Value

  • Social Creative Services



Let's change digital sales as we know it

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