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About Us

Insight Media Labs (IML) makes digital advertising more accessible with a proprietary creative platform that generates micro-interactions to drastically improve data insights, audience targeting and campaign success. 

Digital campaigns have huge gaps that hurt performance. Landing pages cluttered with the exhaust of old, non-relevant data. Websites that don't micro-interact with audiences to correctly identify retargeting behavior. 

We fix all of that, creating a seamless flow for audiences and data without any gaps. Eliminating performance surprises and optimizing campaign success.


To spread the power of creativity and analytics to the local advertising market

The Low Down

How many times does has the digital lead ad and the landing page have little to do with each other? How often has an advertiser been confused by google analytics or unclear about the ROI from a campaign? Why do we live in a world where the ad sales team is blind to what happened after the click? We solve these challenges making advertising campaigns and advertisers more successful while growing ad sales team revenue.

Our Partners

IML works with local advertising sales teams to bring innovation and ease to the market.   Our reseller network consists of blue chip and visionary ad sales teams around the globe. By arming digital sales teams with the ability to differentiate themselves from the crowd we help to unlock new revenue. 

Quick Facts

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